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Focus on people

High performing, skilled and motivated people are the key ingredient in providing excellent customer experience, and it is therefore critical that we have a process to support high performance as well as the ability to attract new employees and retain our talents. In order to ensure that we are successful in finding the right people, the company has a clear goal of becoming an employer of choice in our industry. Besides offering a stimulating working experience, competitive compensation and robust training, the opportunity for career development is one of the key factors that attract new talents to the company.

Programs for continuously upgrading our employees’ skills are an important part of people development at Transcom. These programs also facilitate continued employability of our people in situations where their employment at Transcom is ended. Examples of training courses organized during 2016 include stress resistance, soft skill trainings, team leader development training, communication skills, COPC training, sales training, information security awareness, and project management.

We offer unique opportunities for our employees to develop in their roles. There is a clearly defined career progression, either as a line manager or in a specialist role. There are hundreds of examples of senior leaders at Transcom who started out as agents or in junior support roles.

Please visit blog.transcom.com for stories about people who have chosen to build their careers with us.

The absolute majority of our first line management positions, as well as functional specialist roles, are filled by internal candidates. For example, over 90% of our Team Leaders are internally recruited, and almost three out of four Business Managers.

When recruiting externally, many candidates come to us through referrals from employees. At the same time, Transcom actively develops the company’s presence on various social networks in order to enhance the company’s employer brand and attract highly skilled candidates. One key project in 2016 was to establish a global career page on LinkedIn.

Performance and Talent Management

Transcom relies on value-driven, high-performing people with the right skills to provide value to our clients. Our Performance Management Program is very important in this context. 99% of our employees receive regular performance reviews. There is no difference by gender.

Two years ago, we launched a special Talent Management Program with the objective of identifying internal talent and developing high-potential employees. This program is an important part of succession planning in that it supports the identification of potential future leaders at all levels in order to ensure the sustainability of the organization. Our employees can directly influence the Talent Management process, not least through Individual Development Plans. The program enables us to attract and retain the most talented people, while also making sure that we can quickly identify available talent when job opportunities arise.